About Us

How do we serve Competitive Players?

 Our goal is to provide a platform(discord server) with the essential features a competitive scene needs in order to grow and thrive to its full potential

  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Team Recruitement Sections(Find-A-Player & #Find-A-Team channels)

  • Pick-Up Game(PUG) ELO based Bot + Weekly/Monthly Leaderboard + Prizes 

  • Scrim ELO based Bot + Leaderboard + Prizes 

  • Host Events, Leagues & Tournaments - Help Esports organizations look for a suitable team to sponsor. - Finding A ScrIm Sections(#Find-A-Scrim Channel) -Provide the players with all valuable News&Announcement regarding their game. 

  • Basic Text Channels for the community to socialize, share achievements, unify and build chemistry(#General-Chat, #Memes, #Streamers, #Clips) 

  • Providing helpful game oriented information(#Map-Callouts, #Competitive-Rules) 

  • Aide in structuring the Competitive Rule-Sets for new FPS games. For the best quality of competitive experience the game has to offer. 

  • Build and maintain healthy and professional relationships between Clash Network and the Game Publishers and focusing towards raising Competitive scenes to new heights. 

How do we serve Esports Organizations?

We look towards helping esport orgs by providing them multiple tools to help them grow and guide them towards the best free agent teams available.

 This includes but is not limited to:

  • The Possibility of sponsoring our Events/Seasons/Tournaments to gain respect and visibility from the community and growing their name by affiliating with Clash Network.

  • Helping find the best team available under their specific interests & criteria by providing all they might need to make an informative decision on which team would be most suitable for their brand 

How do we serve Game Publishers?

We do our best to help Game Publishers by substantially contributing to the growth of a healthy competitive scene.  

 This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Hosting a out-of-game and Mobile-Accessible platform for the whole competitive scene to connect 24/7.

  • Managing the Competitive community in a connected, healthy and respectable manner by enforcing basic code of conduct in order to eradicate toxic behavior, bad manners and promote respect and unification of the scene. We promote the value of uplifting each other in the common goal to reach full competitive potential amongst the community.

  • Hosting constant competitive events to keep the scene alive and active

  • Providing all features necessary for a Competitive Scene to grow and thrive